Our System is the future!
Above you will see the typical installation process for Precast Concrete Walls. The top wall is the old outdated standard. The lower wall is the Aftec Proprietary Forming Technology. The Strength and Speed of our system is unmatched.

Conrad Stonetree Fence Systems, Inc. is committed to providing high quality precast products and superior service.

Conrad Stonetree specializes in precast concrete walls with textures on both sides of the wall. Conrad Stonetree designs the precast concrete walls according to specifications. The end result is an efficient precast concrete fencing that will increase safety during natural disasters such as hurricanes or any other disastrous occurrences.

Conrad Stonetree’s hurricane precast wall/fences are capable of withstanding winds up to 146 mph. Precast concrete hurricane resistant fence/walls are stronger than standard fences. Concrete precast fence/wall system offers a great improvement and efficiency over block wall, by eliminating the lengthy process and messy installation procedures.

Conrad Stonetree provides services in the following counties: St. Lucie county, Martin county, Palm Beach county, Broward county, Miami-Dade county, Monroe county, and through the Florida Keys. The efficiency of our system is unmatched. It provides safety, and privacy for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Conrad Stonetree Fence Systems, Inc. is the official distributor of AFTEC in South Florida.

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